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December 16, 2018 Outdoor

Mid Century Modern Outdoor Table in Chic Style

Here we are finally, in heart of summer. In order to live with family or friends. This sweet time of year, there is only a beautiful mid century modern outdoor table, in a chic and relaxed style. During holidays, our summer table decoration will be in our image, stylish but with ease. Rather than a Scandinavian or contemporary design. Its nature that is at center of our summer table decoration. Gods of arts of table are with us this year. Decorate his table this summer, and has never been so easy. For lovers of sea spray and air iodine, to you great trend of marine table decor. In order to bring seaside to your table, we will favor two colors: blue and white. No matter materials if your outdoor furniture is a pretty white. It is ideally associated with a beautiful tablecloth or a table runner with fine blue stripes.

For your exterior to be appreciated at its true value, modern outdoor lighting is essential. A perfect garden will only be revealed if its lighting is well chosen. Style of lighting and its power must match the style of the furniture and the environment of the garden it illuminates. A modern garden will be enhanced by a lighting also modern, for example with white light, geometric shapes lit, or neon. A more classic exterior, for example Mediterranean style, will be embellished by a simple and warm lighting. The size of your exterior is also to be taken into account for choice of your lighting. Small gardens will prefer discreet lighting so that space does not become too crowded, while a larger exterior will benefit from more complete lighting. Here are some ideas for outdoor lighting in your home, from the entrance to the garden, through the porch and even balcony! Different types of lighting for different types of houses, in different outdoor areas. The porch is a part of the house rather versatile. Sometimes used to display plants, sometimes acting as a small terrace or winter garden, the porch is a very attractive and friendly element of the house. With the right lighting, you can transform your porch into a warm and friendly space! This magnificent natural porch under this stone arch is absolutely impressive. It includes very nice garden furniture and very charming climbing plants that make it a very romantic place. At dusk, the porch is illuminated by these magnificent illuminations. We have a lantern on the floor, and bright balls very original: two small on the ground, and a larger hanging on the wall. This luminous ball is actually a tangle of wood mixed with a garland of yellow light that makes the lighting very warm. Lighting that goes perfectly with the stone! For the entrance, the lighting must be welcoming. The entrance is where your guests arrive, lighting is very important. For a simple entrance, sober and welcoming, nothing better than a pretty wall light as the one presented in this picture. This very aesthetic wall light will suit both a modern house and a more rustic and old house. Its color and shape make it very versatile. A safe bet! You find your garden a bit too monotonous and look for a solution to give it more life? This very simple trick will give originality to your garden! These small lanterns placed on the ground or suspended in the trees will give your exterior a touch of fantasy and fantasy.

Chair Mid Century Modern

In same way, beautiful shells, and pebbles just picked up, complete your summer table decoration. Regarding dishes, bet on simplicity, it can be disposable. Or even mismatched. Everyone loves it white or blue, accompanied by silted glass jars. Moreover, in summer, best way to enjoy our long days is still to extend them. Teak garden table is a very good choice. In general, teak wood is a solid wood whose essential oils have remained intact. This is what protects wood from weather and disintegration. This type of wood has few pores which does not allow water to enter and thus damage it. Check product sheet before buying your table to see its features. A table made from center part of tree will be stronger and more resistant.

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This table may cost a little more but longevity will be better. Since teak is a quality wood, it is resistant to bad weather. But in case you do not do sealing or treatment with essential oils, your table will lose its natural color. In no case should you cover table with plastic so that wood can breathe. Next thing you need to consider is look of table through years. If you want it to retain its rich brown color. Then you need to scrub it with essential oils three or four times a year. But in case you do not have time or opportunity to do this. Then you should still consider sealing table which will protect table for at least two years. You can also alternate treatment – sealing with essential oils to keep your table in good condition.

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