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Ideas for Outdoor Candle Lantern Paper

Outdoor candle lantern paper are a cheap way to update the decoration of your home or garden with a multidimensional light screen. Several flashlights of different shapes, sizes and colors can be grouped together and hung from the ceiling to create a texture effect. The lanterns can stay off or hung with LED candles instead of light bulbs, which creates fire-proof, ambient lighting. Grouped lantern arrangements are ideal for any home style for a nursery display or the lights of a gazebo and dining room. Assemble each of the flashlights according to package instructions. Install a hook on the ceiling where you want to hang a small group paper lamp with less than five large lanterns. You can also install three hooks in a straight line to the larger clusters with multiple flashlights.

About Outdoor Candle Lanterns

About Outdoor Candle Lanterns

Inflate the ball. Tie a rope around the lip of the ball and suspend so you can access all sides of it. Cut the rice paper into strips ½ to 1 inch long enough to cover the balloon from the lip where the string is attached at the top of the balloon to the bottom of the balloon. Make a paper mach solution by mixing a part of water and a part of flour. Stir until smooth and clods are gone. Then, dip a strip of rice paper into the paper mach solution. And run the strip between two fingers to remove the excess solution. Place one end of the paper strip near the lip of the balloon. And smooth it along the longitudinal length of the balloon, ending at the opposite polar side of the balloon.

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Repeat with additional outdoor candle lantern strips, overlapping the edges of the strips only lightly. Until the balloon is completely covered with strips of paper. And then, remove the remains of the balloon from inside the lantern. Cut a small circular opening in the upper part of the lantern. And also, place a chain on each side of the top opening to hang the lantern. Insert a battery-operated candle into the lantern. If desired, secure the candle to the flashlight. Use a piece of adhesive tape rolled in a cylinder with the adhesive side facing out and stick to the bottom of the candle. Combine the lanterns of different sizes, colors, styles and shapes to create a dramatic effect. The use of LED candles reduces the risk of fire and eliminates unsightly cables. Do it be carefully.

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